L'il TrimmerLAPCRAFT'S L'il Trimmer™ trim saw is a superior trim saw in two important areas.  First, it has the capacity to accept either a 4" or a 5" OD diamond saw blade without any adaptation or adjustment. Second, it has the ability to cut clear to the back side of the blade, not just to the arbor flanges.

Lapcraft's L'il Trimmer™ is solidly constructed of all cast aluminum. It runs fast and quiet, it's light and portable, and it's easy to clean and maintain. You add coolant by simply raising the saw table.

L'il Trimmer™ takes either a 4" or 5" diamond blade. Use with our Dia-Laser™ diamond blade and Tool Cool water soluble coolant and you'll have an unbeatable combination.

The motor is 115 volt, 1550 RPM. Shipping weight is 15 lbs.

Model 4R5 - Comes assembled complete with motor, housing, 4" x .012" x 1/2"  Dia-Laser™ diamond saw blade & 8 oz. bottle of Tool Cool™ concentrate.
Stock #22005 - $330.00



LAPCRAFT'S Tool Cool™  concentrate is a                                               

specially formulated water soluble coolant. It contains wetting agents that give

longer life to diamond tools and rust inhibitors that help keep equipment from rusting.

Tool Cool™ is available in 8 oz. and 1 gallon bottles.

Mix 8 oz. of Tool Cool™  concentrate with 1 gallon of water.

8 oz. Bottle of Tool Cool™

STOCK NUMBER.......................................22015.....PRICE - $6.00

1 gallon Bottle of Tool Cool™

STOCK NUMBER.......................................22020.....PRICE - $40.00



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